Computer Mouse

Redesign of an Ergonomic Computer Mouse which allows the user to keep the hands in a comfortable area in front of the body and close to the keyboard


Computers are used in a constantly growing number of jobs as an aid and tool to facilitate various tasks for workers. Many people keep a static, unnatural posture in front of their computers several hours per day and using the mouse means a repetitive and harmful motion. T his may lead to serious musculoskeletal disorders, called repetitive strain injuries, in the shoulder, arm and hand region.

The disorders are difficult to rehabilitate, and sometimes they require surgery, which is both advanced and costly. A way of preventing and also rehabilitate the disorders is to use a Centered Pointing Device, which allows the user to keep the hands in a comfortable area in front of the body and close to the keyboard.
Track-bar Emotion is one centered pointing device that coexists with a few other brands and models on a growing market. It has a large roll bar which the user can move to the sides and roll up and down in order to control the cursor on the screen. It also has a number of buttons for clicking actions.

The purpose of this thesis was to redesign Track-bar Emotion to be more competing, by maintaining its ergonomic benefits and improve the design and functions. The goal was to reach a large target group, both users with little computer experience, and also users with more demanding and advanced work tasks.
In collaboration with the California based company Euro Office a new design was developed through a methodical approach including the research methods usability tests, interviews and focus groups.

Thanks to a thorough problem analysis new functional demands were found and the improved design resulted in a thinner device with an open roll bar. There are also two scrollable knobs on the sides of the device which both provide a flexible two hand use, but also, through user customization, allows advanced use with high potential for many different functions.

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