Dialysis Package

Development of a Design Concept for Dialysis Concentrate Packages that are lightweight, quick to mount to the machine and easy to dispose.


There is a desire for dialysis concentrate packages that are lightweight, quick to mount to the machine and easy to dispose. The box packages today are cumbersome to open and flatten, for some sort of box packages the nurses have to jump on it before it can be disposed. The new concept shall support dialysis operators with an ergonomically designed user interface with good usability.

The following three questions were set for the project.
What needs and wants does the users have on a dialysis concentrate package? Which are the most important usability aspects for a concentrate package?
How can a dialysis concentrate package with good usability look like?

The final package concept consists of a primary concentrate package, a secondary box package and a design proposal for how the concentrate could be attached to the dialysis machine. The box concept uses a way of flattening which requires less force than the existing box. The package concept of the concentrate provides the user with a convenient grip and takes up a smaller volume after usage than the existing Gambro packages for dry concentrate. The improvements of the concentrate packages will lead to better working conditions for dialysis nurses and hopefully increase the level of satisfaction with concentrate packages.

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