Automotive Cockpit

Automotive Cockpit Design 2020
Design and Investigation of HMI in Cockpit for Future Concept


This study is aimed to develop the cockpit for the future personal vehicle by investigating 3 technology trends and user needs. The study is made in cooperation with Mecel AB, which develops software and vehicle systems. The study outcome is aimed to inspire the Mecel team on the future Human Machine Interface (HMI), enabling them to think ahead and support their customers with state of the art technology.

The outcome is also applied as promotional material to attract customers. The study identified current user needs and technical preferences toward HMI of personal vehicles while investigating possible technologies that can be applied to satisfy user needs.The reasonable predictions of user needs and mature technologies in 2020 are conducted based on a literature study and empirical data.

The thesis outcome is two in-car HMIs with focus on displays. The two cockpit conceptual designs are presented to explain the locations and features of the HMIs. The visual materials of the outcome are imported to the company website as promotional material. In the case of attracting Mecel potential customers, the visual material of the study outcome should be aesthetically pleasing to the target market.

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