Exchange Application

Redesign of a mobile telephone exchange application

Evaluating and Enhancing the User Experience of Advoco’s Mi application


This project describes the evaluation and subsequent re-design of Advoco AB's telephone exchange application Mi. The application connects its users to the telephone exchange of their workplace, thus replacing the need for a separate work phone. While the focus of the project has been on the mobile application available for Android and iOS devices, a PC client has been evaluated as well.

The goal of the project has been to enhance the user experience of the application, with much focus on the usability aspect. While a formative study served to identify issues to later address through a re-design, a baseline study was also conducted to facilitate measuring how well the Mi application supports its users. The methodology from the project may also be implemented by Advoco in subsequent evaluations, to ensure future development projects enhances the product’s performance.

The structure of the project was determined by means of impact mapping, in order to connect the project goal to Advoco’s end customers and their needs. The scope was also determined to encompass a re-design of the current interface and not a completely new product.

The evaluation resulted in a performance metric which Advoco may use as a basis for comparing and tracking the progress of their product development. Furthermore, a number of user experience issues were identified, and translated into requirements for a potential re-design.

The project resulted in several re-design of different parts of the applications graphical interface, as well as suggestions for alterations in the functionality. These were represented by descriptions of the underlying structure, as well as graphical concepts. The concepts were evaluated in terms of how well they fulfilled the requirements previously defined, as well as through a subjective usability evaluation.

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