Functional Clothing

Functional Wool Clothing for the Active Child


This master thesis documents the development of a product that facilitates outdoor activities for families with young children. The project aimed to develop better children’s wool clothing in a functional outdoor context. An extensive user study of young children and guardians was conducted where requirements and need descriptions were collected and presented.

This was followed by a concept development phase, focused on areas with ability for development. These areas were growth, regulation of warmth and easy dressing.

The final concept incorporates a set of middle layer pants and sweater jacket with various features such as: growth regulation drawstring canals, warmth regulation removable collar, larger center zipper, thumb hole cuffs and knee/elbow reinforcements. The sweater can also be transformed into a vest. The product was deemed helpful to and attractive for the user group. In short, a well-developed concept to fulfill the needs of a user group that often lack satisfying options in the outdoors clothing market.

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