Online Device

Design of an Interactive Online Device.
The focus of this master thesis project has been to design the visual form and
user interaction of such a product.


Swedish manufacturer of TV sets People of Lava is a small company with a history of creating innovative products. In 2010 the company introduced the world’s first TV set equipped with Google’s Android operating system. This TV set, called Scandinavia, enables a user to browse the Internet, send e-mails and use applications from the comfort of their living room.

People of Lava has identified a possibility to take the interactive
functions of the Android system to a higher level in
an entirely new product. By incorporating audio and video
communication functions in an Android-powered standalone
device, any modern TV set can become a central device in the
communication users have with the world. The focus of this
master thesis project has been to design the visual form and
user interaction of such a product.

The project has included research on current trends in control
and input methods to find a suitable form of interaction
with the product. The attitudes and demands of potential
users have been investigated. An extensive form study has
been performed to find an aesthetically pleasing expression
in the product. Furthermore, the People of Lava brand has
been analysed to find a way to strengthen the brand identity
through the use of a well defined form language.

The final result is the Lava A.I., a unique product in both
appearance and functionality. It can be hung from a wall
mounted TV set from its power cord, utilising a form element
that is usually undesired as a prominent design feature.
An Android circuit board and a digital video camera has been
enclosed in a small device that features simple yet expressive
aesthetics. The concept incorporates a remote control
with both a trackpad and a full QWERTY keyboard for easy
interaction reminiscent of a laptop. Thus, the concept fulfills
user demands on fast, easy and familiar interaction. The function
of the Lava A.I. can compete with products like smartphones,
tablets, laptops and set-top boxes. It brings together
Internet connectivity and video communication in a device
designed to be enjoyed from the comfort of your living room.

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