Interactive Toy

Development of Interactive Product for Children with Autism ,
Practicing communication skills


Autism is a syndrome often described as affecting three main areas: • Limitation of the capacity for reciprocal social games • Limitation of the capacity for mutual communication • Limitation of behavior, interests, and imagination

In an attempt to enlighten the diagnose autism, and what difficulties might come
with it, theory regarding autism has been integrated throughout a development
process of an interactive aid, aimed at children with autism and a cognitive age of
four to seven. Since communication and social interaction is becoming increasingly
more important in today’s society, the purpose was to develop a concept that
promotes practicing communication skills and making contact with others under
fun circumstances. The main aim was to practice turn taking by creating a system
where two persons have to give turns in order to reach a goal together.
Discussion regarding development guidelines in general vs. guidelines for children
with autism, has driven the design process forward throughout the project
with a final result consisting of two main concepts. The two concepts are an application for tablets and a physical toy. Both were chosen because of their potential
to compensate each other when it comes to strengthen the total ability for practicing
communication skills.The child with autism may in the application build a train together with a neurologically typical person by taking turns in choosing parts. When the train in the application is finished, the players can build an identical replication in a physical train, by using the application as a draft. By choosing and placing the parts, specific rhythms will be played; therefore, by building the train, players will also build music.

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