LED Plant Lighting

LED plant lighting for household environments


Due to insufficient light conditions, artificial lighting has long been an important factor in the performance of indoor cultivation. But it is only in recent years that the technology of Light Emitting Diodes (LED) has been introduced to the market. The technology of LEDs provides an efficient light of specific wavelengths which allows improved plant production and quality.

This master’s thesis work was carried out in collaboration with the company Heliospectra, who specialize in smart LED lighting solutions for greenhouse environments and different fields of plant research. The key aspect of their technology is the ability to control the intensity of individual diodes of different colours, making it possible to create spectrums of light adjusted to different plants and growth purposes. The company is now looking to expand their product range to include an option for the consumer market. The purpose of this thesis work was to investigate the user requirements related to a product for indoor cultivation and the possibility of adapting Heliospectra’s technology to such a product.The transformation from an advanced industrial technology to a consumer product started with a thorough research of the market.

A competitor analysis was conducted and different types of information gathering methods such as surveys, interviews and focus groups were utilized. The gathered information was used in an idea generation process where different concepts were created. The concepts were then evaluated in order to select a final concept. The final concept was developed further in terms of functionality, design, usability, material and manufacturing.The project resulted in a cultivation lamp called Enlight, that enhances and simplifies the growth and keeping of
edible plants in the home environment.

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