Rugged PDA

Tomorrow’s rugged PDAs
Industrial Design with focus on Semantics and Brand Identity


Handheld Group AB is one of the world’s leading suppliers of rugged PDAs, computers, tablets and mobile phones. The head office is located in Lidköping, Sweden. They deliver solutions to industries such as forestry, construction, maintenance, security, public transport and logistics. The production is outsourced to Asian companies.

This project has been aimed at developing two products for Handheld. One is the successor to one of their PDAs called Nautiz X7. The other one is a rebranded version of the X7 called Nautiz X6. The X7 and X6 shares the fundamental hardware components but the X6 has an additional GNSS antenna.

The focus has been on Handhelds own product, the Nautiz X7. However information found about the X7 has been applicable on the X6, as they are similar products. The given technical specifications have been taken into account, but the focus areas have been ergonomics and communication of Product characteristics and Brand Identity since that is what Handheld want to improve.

The development of the products has been divided into two phases; Prestudy and a Conceptualization and detailing phase. In the Prestudy requirements were gathered with e.g. user studies. Within the Conceptualization and detailing phase an extensive idea generation was held, with both free sketching and a methodical approach. The final result is one concept each for the Nautiz X7 and X6. The X7 has a bigger screen than the current one but is still slimmer. It has better ergonomics through a better grip. The usability is better with rearranged buttons on the keypad. The product characteristics have been fulfilled with the design features. The X6 suites its brand’s identity.

In the Brand Identity study the focus was not only on the new Nautiz X7 but on the whole Handheld product family. A broad study will ensure that the products lead the development of the Brand Identity in the, by Handheld, desired direction. The result of the Handheld Brand Identity study is documented and will be beneficial when developing other products as well.

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