Traffic Information

Traffic information to persons with cognitive disabilities


This report is based upon a master thesis project written at the program Industrial Design Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology. The project is carried out on behalf of the Swedish Transport Administration and aims to above all inspire the Swedish Transport Administration to new solutions of the information which is today announced by speakers at train stations all over Sweden. This type of information mainly concerns changes that have been done due to for example delays and instructions regarding how the passengers should act in those unexpected situations.

The reason this has to be improved is partly the fact that a lot of the passengers have difficulties hearing what is said in the announcements which results in unsatisfied customers but also that the Swedish Transport Administration has got a mission on behalf of the government to adapt all public transport to persons with disabilities. A part of this is the traffic information. The work has throughout the whole process been focused at the users and their needs. The user groups given most focus have been people with hearing or visual impairments of varying degrees since those are two of the groups that are likely to have most trouble if the information does not reach them. Those are also two groups that are hardest to find solutions for, especially with aids of the same information type. The process has consisted of a literature study and interviews by both users and professionals followed by a user study and an analysis phase. After that the requirements where established and a product development phase were started. Different methods which are commonly used at the program Industrial Design Engineering has been used and at last resulted in several concepts of solutions. The outcome of the project consists of a combination of solutions which aims foremost at the passengers at the train stations that are concerned by the information.

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