Traffic Measurement

Mobile 3D Traffic Measurement , Stakeholder mapping and design of a new housing solution


Urbanization together with the need for sustainable travel put new demands on modern city planning. Bicycles, pedestrians and public transportation are essential elements that require smart methods for measurement and analysis. The technique of 3D vision video analysis gives new possibilities for measuring traffic.

The aim of the project was to explore the opportunities for this new technique and to develop a mobile housing and mounting solution for the equipment. Through stakeholder mapping and interviews, competitor analyses and literature studies, a framework for the design work was created. Possible situations for 3D video analysis were identified and important aspects for use and mobility were defined. The visual expression of traffic measuring equipment using video technology was evaluated and the aspects of integrity analyzed. Ergonomic and semantic aspects of the product were other key issues in the development process.

The final concept is a flexible, robust and professional housing with a modular mounting solution. The product combines form and function with the appropriate expression from different stakeholder views. It fulfills the requirements for the shorter mobile measurements that were identified in the project.

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