Design and Development of the User Interface of TrailAdvise

The new digital service that facilitates exploration of the nature


This project is part of a bigger project that is managed by Innomate, a company that are running internal product development but also provides project management consulting services to external customers. The projects aim is to make footpaths and hiking trails more accessible by creating a digital service where the user can find trails and paths that suit their needs with a mobile phone or computer.

The purpose of this project is to create a conceptual user interface for this new service that should be available on the web and as an application on smartphone and smartwatch. The focus is on identifying the intended users needs and to conclude what functions and information that should be available and how to priorities these in order to provide an attractive service.

The most important information gathering was regarding the different intended users needs. Two target groups were identified and investigated, namely runners and hikers. It was found that their basic needs are much alike so they could benefit from using the same service as long as the service focuses on experience and not performance. This was found to be important in order to make the service differentiable as well.

The project resulted in conceptual wireframes of the user interface for the different devices. The conceptual interface allows the user to search for trail and places in the nature as well as provides them with important information about them. The user can also get navigation help when wanting to explore a new trail or place. The service grows by users adding their own places and trails so the service makes it possible to track and add trails and places as well. In order to motivate people to contribute to the service some elements of social rewards has been included such as that a user that adds a trails gets to know when someone rates, comments or saves that trail.

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