Visualisation Tool

Development of an energy visualisation tool for commercial buildings


The Energy Mirror from Priva is a product for visualisation of energy flows in commercial buildings, such as electricity and gas consumption, as well as wind and solar power production. The product is in need for revision and the goal of the project is to create a realisable product concept for the new version, which can support organisations to reach their environmental goals and help them express their environmental work and ambitions.

The target group and needs of the customer have been redefined by conducting interviews with important stakeholders: in-house market managers, a partner, a branch office and a customer. The analysis from the interviews concludes that organisations want to show the impact of an investment for increased energy efficiency and create awareness about energy among their occupants. Furthermore, ways to make energy data more interesting and graspable have been explored. The result is a hardware independent software solution made for touch screens. The concept has a modular base, possible to tailor for each organisation. It contains elements for quick visual comparison of energy, and an interactive interface so the users can discover more information according to their own interests.

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