Waste Management

Development of a waste management service based on small-scale biogas

Master’s thesis in Design and Human Factors


The aim of this project was to evaluate the market possibilities for FOV’s textile based biogas digester in Sweden, and to develop a concept of how to approach this market. The source of biological waste to approach was chosen to be grocery stores. Grocery stores threw away 70,000 tonnes food waste in 2012.

The conclusion was that there is a possibility for a future market for small scale biogas in Sweden. It is however important to separate the biogas digester from the grocery store. The reason for this is the outspoken need from the stores to only focus on their core business.

The final concept therefore contained a pretreatment facility in the grocery store, pipelines for the pretreated slurry to the biogas digestion plant and a combined site for the biogas digester and heat plant, which is in turn connected to a district heating system,

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