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Collaborate with us!

We happily cooperate with different types of companies and organizations in the education. On a couple of occasions during the education, we have longer projects where we bring in external clients who interact with the students. During the spring, degree projects are done at both the bachelor’s and master's level, and in the autumn a long project course is held for the second year students of the master's program. Take the chance to get inspired by new opportunities and well-implemented solution proposals or use the students to look explore that exciting area that you yourselves never have time for.

During the Bachelor’s thesis project, a group of 3 to 6 Swedish students work together to investigate, analyze and concretize a solution to a given problem. Depending on the nature of the problem, groups are formed with the necessary skills. This means that the groups can consist of only students from Teknisk Design, or a mix of students from TD with for example Automation & Mechatronics, Mechanical Engineering or Industrial Economics. As support during the project, the students have regular supervision from staff at Division Design & Human Factors, as well as access to the expertise of teachers and researchers throughout Chalmers. The project is presented orally and through a written report about the work and the result. During the thesis project, the students can take on defined design problems with a concrete goal. The course comprises 15 credits and is conducted in half time during the spring. (Can you put an example here?)

In the master's project course, the students take on assignments of a more complex and advanced character. Here, the students are almost finished with their education and can handle everything from conceptual assignments to innovative innovations, finding the problem to solve as well as the solution. Swedish and international students work together and the language during the course is English. The result is presented in the form of a shorter report and an oral presentation. The course comprises 15 credits and is conducted in half time during the autumn.

In both projects, the students have access to the resources available at Chalmers in the form of workshops, material libraries, softwares, 3D printers and, not least, the expertise available at Chalmers. Interest notifications are received by program director Andreas Dagman at

For the final thesis project on the master, you also can register interest in collaboration, but here it is the students' responsibility to find their own projects. If you have a suitable project idea, we can pass it on to the students. The thesis work is carried out by two students full-time during one semester, mainly in the spring. Send a description of the idea and your business together with your contact information to

Are you interested in cooperating with us in any other way than as a client in the project courses? There is the opportunity to enter as guest lecturer, external examiner at final presentations or as client in the more specialized courses as well - take a look at the courses that the program has to offer, to see where you could participate, or contact the program directors to discuss possibilities, at Bachelor's level and for the Master's level.